AI powered customer profiling to boost your sales & enhance customer experience

What is a customer profile?

A customer profile is a model or outline of a group of customers who share common traits. These profiles can contain extensive information about your customers including their demographics, preferences, expectations, behaviour, etc. Using customer profiles, brands can easily identify, segment and define their target audience.

What are the benefits?

By developing a customer profile, businesses can analyze transactional data and detect patterns and correlations in the customer behaviour according to the segment they belong to. The key benefits of customer profiling are,

  • Get better response rates from customer outreach programs
  • Enhance customer experience and customer loyalty
  • Acquire new customers based on best performing profiles
  • Efficient resource allocation and customer engagements

What is AI powered customer profiling?

AI powered customer profiling can help businesses to automate the customer profiling process. Manually analyzing and consolidating the data can be extremely time consuming and inefficient. AI powered solutions now make it easy for businesses to perform automated customer profiling in online as well as offline channels. In online channels, it is easier to collect the data of the user via form submissions, browser signatures, cookies, behavior in websites etc. All this data can be consolidated into a single pool of data, which can be used to train machine learning algorithms to identify customer profiles. But when it comes to offline channels, businesses are not sure how to collect these data from a customer without bothering them.

AI powered customer profiling in offline stores

To perform customer profiling for in-store customers, businesses need to collect a lot of data from the walk-in customers. Manually collecting this data is a near impossible task.

Benefits of AI powered customer profiling solutions

Using artificial intelligence solutions to create customer profiles is much superior to traditional manual segmentation for the following reasons:

  • Finds hidden patterns in data that a human marketer may be unable to spot
  • Automatic updating of segments in a rapidly changing market
  • Unlimited number and size of segments
  • Enables a higher level of personalization
  • Needs little maintenance or human intervention



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