Building a scalable multi-tenant SaaS platform

multi tenant saas platform

Why Multi-tenancy?

A multi-tenant application allows you to serve multiple customers with just one installation of the application. Each customer is called a tenant and they pay money to access your SaaS application components and stores their data in the SaaS system. There are multiple tenancy models like single-tenancy, multi-tenancy and hybrid tenancy. Here, the term tenancy means how the tenants’ data is stored and organised in the SaaS platform. In a single tenancy system, each database stores data from only one tenant, whereas in multi-tenancy system, each database stores data from multiple tenants. Hybrid tenancy is a mix of single-tenancy and multi-tenancy, bringing the best of both in one architecture.

How to choose the right tenancy model ?

The functionalities of the application does not have a great dependence on the tenancy model that you choose. However, it depends on a few factors listed below:

  • Number of tenants
  • Number of users per tenant
  • Growth rate of tenants
  • Growth rate of tenant database
  • Security
  • Cost
  • Flexibility — ability to create multiple tables by tenants
  • Regulatory consideration
  • Customizability
  • Recovery options

The best practices in building a multi-tenant SaaS platform

The SaaS platform you intend to build is most likely to serve customers from all over the world. Hence, it is a good thought to localize the platform. Make sure the contents shown in the platform are regionalized and the pricing is in the currency of the buyer.

  • Integrations and Ecosystem- The application should be designed to accommodate as many apps or service integrations as possible.
  • Reliable operational performance- A multi-tenant SaaS application should be designed in such a way that its performance is scalable and always available. It should be able to serve tenants of all sizes.
  • Secure and compliant with industry standards and regulations- Multi-tenant SaaS providers have the sole responsibility when it comes to the security of both the SaaS application, stored data, and the accompanying hardware.
  • Constant monitoring and maintenance- The SaaS provider must monitor the SaaS application constantly. They should be on the lookout for down-times and get the application back up and working again if such a situation occurs.



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