Cross border travel during pandemic

The pandemic’s impact on cross border travel

We can see a major impact on domestic traffic growth as domestic travellers have started cancelling or rescheduling their tickets. Many organizations have reported a 30 per cent or more drop in domestic travel this summer compared with last year.

  • 30% have suspended international flights — “all flights are suspended”.
  • 18% are banning the entry for passengers from specific countries of origin or passengers who have transited through specific destinations.
  • 7% are applying different measures, such as quarantine or self-isolation for 14 days and visa measures.

Challenges and risks in opening up cross border travel

If governments lift travel restrictions and allow people from different countries to enter their borders, there is a very large chance that a person coming from another country will unknowingly bring the virus into the destination country. This means that the restrictions imposed on travel will have to stay in place until the virus is completely eradicated from all around the world. However, this would severely affect the economy. There are many people who are stuck in foreign countries due to closed borders and this means that governments will need to open their borders at some point irrespective of the risks of infection.

Pandemic Proof Passport

Rebuild The Chain, a pandemic management system developed by Accubits has a Pandemic Proof Passport feature that enables countries to open up their borders for travel even if there is a pandemic going on. This feature provides users with a health card that is generated after exposure analysis and a health diagnosis by the local health authorities. The people who have a ‘No Risk’ health card will be able to travel overseas. The user can simply scan the QR code at an airport or at public areas to confirm their health status for the authorities.

Rebuild The Chain — Pandemic Management System
  • Health diagnosis conducted by local health departments to define the health status of the user.
  • Health card generation, which will be a QR code that can be printed out or displayed in the mobile app upon request by authorities.
  • Health status validation bt scanning the QR code.



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