Healthcare IT consulting services & solutions

healthcare IT consulting services & solutions

Healthcare IT consulting services & solutions that deliver accurate results

A few such healthcare solutions that would helps us in this aspect

  • Cost efficient: EHRs are completely paperless. This reduces the amount of paperwork and the required storage space.
  • Enhanced patient care: Using EHRs, doctors can share patient information, which makes the prescription process quicker and more accurate.
  • Increased efficiency: Unlike paper records, EHRs provide quick access to patient information and centralized chart management.
  • No prescription errors: E-prescribing software reduces any errors caused due to illegible handwriting.
  • Streamlined prescriptions and more time for patient care: It allows for constant access to a patient’s medication history. Furthermore, medications can be cross-referenced and doctors can check them automatically to avoid harmful combinations.
  • No loss of prescriptions: As the prescriptions are sent directly to the pharmacy, there is no chance of any loss to occur.
  • Increased patient satisfaction: An HMS manages a patient’s prescriptions and treatment history, handles billing, tracks the availability of beds, and more. The software reduces time spent on administrative processes so medical staff can give their full attention to patient care.
  • Better data management: Medical staff may find it difficult to manage all patient records, lab results, billing etc. An HMS is a centralized system that allows medical practitioners to find information in just a few clicks.
  • Improved efficiency: Since an HMS automates administrative processes, it avoids problems like fatigue and inaccuracy.
  • Enhanced patient care: CRM software stores patient data such as test results, treatment history, and diagnoses. This allows doctors to have access to patient records immediately, so that the patient care process is faster and more efficient.
  • Automated workflow: A medical CRM automates healthcare operations like patient referrals, billing, and prescriptions.
  • Patient outreach: A healthcare CRM provides data on patient preferences. Organizations can use this to improve their marketing strategies.




Accubits Technologies is an enterprise solutions development company focusing on AI and Blockchain technologies, based in Virginia, USA.

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Accubits Technologies Inc

Accubits Technologies Inc

Accubits Technologies is an enterprise solutions development company focusing on AI and Blockchain technologies, based in Virginia, USA.

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