How far can face mask detection systems help to curb COVID-19 spread

Face mask detection using AI
  • Enforcing strict social distancing measures.
  • Enforcing lock-downs.
  • Effective quarantining of infected personnel.
  • Analyzing route maps of the infected personnel to predict the possibility of further infections in the vicinity.
  • Maintaining a well detailed medical record of patients at hospitals.
  • Restricting the travel path of peoples in high-risk zone areas.
  • By sending out frequent updates on COVID-19 pandemic transmissions.
  • Preventing mass gathering of people in public places.

Face mask detection systems using AI

Many companies are now working on face mask detection systems that use artificial intelligence to automatically detect whether a person is wearing a face mask or not. Most solutions have a similar concept that involves acquiring relevant data, training that AI model and finally integrating it into operations. However, there are still some problems associated with these solutions. Many of them require businesses to install additional hardware like a graphical processing unit, video management system, etc. Additionally, these solutions are not customizable and are unable to generate reports.

  • Customized alerts can be sent to the identified person without the face mask.
  • Can be used easily with any camera or hardware like surveillance cameras.
  • No need to install any hardware as the system can be connected with your existing surveillance system only.
  • Restricts access for those not wearing the masks and notifies the authorities.
  • Easily customizable based on your business requirements.
  • Allows for viewing of analytics based on the system generated reports.
  • Easy to access and control the movements from any device through face mask detection applications.

But how does the system work?

Like other solutions, it does not require any external hardware or specialized components to make the system work. It can be easily integrated with the existing CCTV infrastructure at your premise. It is primarily comprised of three main components that come along with it, they are as follows-

facial data interface
facial data interface
surveillance dashboard
surveillance dashboard
notification interface
notification interface

Applications of the face mask detection

In the current state of the world, such a system can be beneficial in a number of scenarios. It can be installed in various public areas to enforce safety standards and social distancing requirements as well. A few examples of where we could use face mask detection are-

  • Offices: Employers must ensure that their workers are following the required safety standards. They can use the systems to ensure that their employees are taking precautionary measures to stay safe. Reports can be generated to identify staff members who are not following the safety requirements.
  • Hospitals: Hospitals can be considered as hubs for infection due to the sheer number of sick patients present. Although most hospital staff usually wear masks at all times, the same cannot be said about patients. Hospital authorities can be alerted if a patient is seen without a mask so that corrective action can be taken immediately.
Face mask detection on arm based devices & other embedded systems

Chances for improvement

As observed from the real-time face mask detection video, the solution is the perfect choice for enforcing strict social distancing measures at government organizations, offices, health organizations, public places, etc.



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