How to start an ICO & successfully raise funds

how to start an ico

What is an ICO?

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is quite similar to that of Initial Public Offering (IPO) of blockchain currencies. With an IPO, you get to buy shares of companies which would then utilize those investments to expand the business, improve profits and ultimately, provide you with a stable dividend. While ICO, allows companies to offer a new coin or token in the cryptocurrency market and attract investments to grow the network that accepts these coins. The investors get access to a fixed number of coins or tokens in the ICO purchase and the growth of the network over time determines the value of the coin.

How to start an ICO in just 9 simple steps

The success of an ICO depends on the processes and steps involved it its creation. The characteristics of each ICO varies depending upon the type of business, investment pattern and ICO launch model.

  • Setting up a Smart Contract: Due to its immutability, the contract ensures that the value of the currency or monetary units traded under its supervision is not susceptible to fraud.
  • Setting up supporting tools: Currency converters, payment gateway integrations etc, if needed, should be set up to help the sale platform become more efficient and acceptable to all stakeholders.



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