Intelligent Video Analytics to Harness Actionable Insights

intelligent video analytics to harness actionable insights

What is Intelligent video analytics?

Intelligent video analytics is the method of automating video footage analysis by employing various algorithms to track and differentiate between object types and identifying certain behavior or actions in real-time. Intelligent video analysis can be used to track or identify faces of people, license plates and objects such as vehicles, trees, and even to identify emotions expressed by people, etc.

  • Counting instances of some event or object - event detection
  • Identifying emotions expressed by people - emotion analytics
  • Age, demographics detection of people - people detection
  • Detecting unusual events and activities - anomaly detection
  • Identifying patterns, recognition of texts and signs - pattern recognitionin
  • Traffic Management - AI-driven analytics can be used to detect various traffic conditions such as vehicle traffic, pedestrian flow, accidents, etc. The system provides detailed real-time information and alerts about what is happening on highways, bridges, and tunnels and allows traffic management authorities to make appropriate decisions.
  • Healthcare - Video analytics in healthcare leads to greater efficiency and improves the overall patient experience. It can continuously monitor patients and ensure patients receive the care and attention they need.
  • Production Line - Video analytics helps production managers to keep track of all aspects of the assembly plant remotely. The system can be trained to detect even the smallest flaws in manufactured products and monitor machine operations that help to schedule predictive maintenance.
  • Enhancing Public Safety - By using technologies such as face detection and license plate recognition, law enforcement agents can detect when people on watch lists enter a particular area and can respond immediately and prevent any potential threat.



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