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A Throwback,

About a month ago, when I was registering for an online competition, I was required to upload a profile photo to complete the registration process. Like most of the other websites, I had an option to upload the photo from the local file system. Convenient it would seem, but in fact, the whole process of registration was a pain in the heart for me.

User Experience Matters!

A bad experience led me to abandon this registration. I’m sure, at least a thousand customers dropped off like that just because the user experience is poor. The thoughts I had led to further research and it took me by surprise to know that there aren’t many packages or plugins available to do such tasks. I’m an angular developer and I explored further to see if any Angular packages are available to access the webcam directly and take photos. I found one package, but it was complicated to use. And that’s when I decided to develop an opensource package to fix this problem. I spent time after my regular works to work on this package and in a week, I completed and published it.



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